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Wivey Foodbank Update

Wiveliscombe is once again proving its community spirit as the foodbank says it is still receiving donations amid coronavirus panic. Thanks to the generosity of Wivey and the surrounding area, the foodbank is currently in a good position to continue providing vital services. 

Our manager, Sue Weightman, at Taunton Foodbank said: “We are so grateful that in this time of panic buying and stockpiling the people of our area are continuing to donate food to the foodbank.  We know that we will need this support more than ever over the coming weeks as more people find themselves in financial difficulties and unable to buy food.” 

The Foodbank is there to help those in financial difficulty who are referred to them by other helping agencies such as the Job Centre, Somerset West and Taunton Council, Citizens Advice, village agents, school family and support workers, Health Visitors and some churches.  If people need help and have difficulty getting a voucher they should email info@taunton.foodbank.org or phone on 07761624216 for further advice.

Because of the Government rules on social distancing, on leaving our homes and on assessing food, in line with other foodbanks, we have decided to change the way in which our clients receive their food and to move to a delivery only service.  This means that the distribution point at the Silver Street Centre in Wivey, for the time being, will no longer be open on a Wednesday afternoon and the deliveries will be made on a Thursday afternoon.

Donation boxes are still open in the Co-Op, Day Lewis Pharmacy and at The Manse, Silver Street.  If you prefer to make a cash donation details of how to do this can be found on the main foodbank website: taunton.foodbank.org.uk

Please be assured that these arrangements are temporary and will cease as soon as it is safe to do so.  The personal contact we have with our clients under normal circumstances is a vital part of our work and we want this to resume.  We look forward to the time when this will be possible.