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Prayer 136


We meet every Thursday lunchtime between 12 and 1pm in Room One at the Silver Street Centre.  Join us For Prayer…


Prayer Initiative:  We are starting a new prayer initiative for our community.

Each week we will be listing an area of Wivey, (and beyond) and we will be asking you to pray for that area each day.  Over the months we will be able to pray for each street and hamlet in our town.  

We meet every Thursday at lunchtime between 12 and 1 pm at the Silver Street Centre

We need to pray and intercede positively with a sense of expectation and a desire that God will work in and through our prayers, and that we will see a breakthrough and a change in people’s lives and community. 

For Revival (a fresh outpouring of God) we need two things. 

The Word and the Holy Spirit combined.  

Both are however underpinned by our intercessory prayers and supplications. 

We pray for our Church and Community…

We thank you, Lord, for your many blessings and provisions for us.

For the plans and vision, Lord will you direct our paths and be the light to our feet.

For all who need a comforting word, need to hear your voice clearly, and need to healing touch from you…we bring them up to you.

Lord, you are the God who heals and restores.  

May we all hear Your precious words from Jesus, “well done good and faithful servant,” in whose name we pray,  In Jesus’ Name…Amen.

Be assured of our continued prayers at this time. 

Thursday lunchtime 12 till 1 pm