Our ‘Vision or Revelation and the message for our Church is this:

We seek not whom we can put down, but whom we can pick up,

We seek not whom we can turn out, but whom we can bring in,

We seek not whom we can ridicule or whom we can condemn,  

But whom we can bring to the Cross.

‘Bring those, whose dreams have been crushed and point

them to the Cross, the author and the finisher of our faith.

‘He will give you a brand-new beginning and your

 life will be beautiful again.’

A New Vision/ Revelation from God:

Our Church will be a place of safety (always) and for some people it will be a new home, a time of reconnecting, learning more about faith, God. 

For others, our church will be an oasis of care and protection, maybe a dwelling where people charge up and renew their batteries, perhaps to be healed and restored for the next challenge they face.

And the all-embracing feeling, this church will have a sense of community, an awareness and willingness of working together, with a common and shared purpose of prayer, faith, fellowship and love.


  • We’re a small church with a vision of life rooted in faithfulness.  We’re embracing who we are by working on the basics like:  Real-world Bible teaching, genuine relationships, practical ministries.
  • We’re taking a more personal approach to ministry.  We’re building a stronger church by valuing each community member (inside and outside the church), focusing on our own personal relationship with Christ and creating a faith community that pursues God’s desires for creation.
  • We believe God calls Wivey Evangelical Church to continue Christ’s good work.  We’re investing more of our love, time, energy and resources in people Jesus cared most about — ‘the least of these.”
  • We want to jump off the treadmill of bigger, better, faster, stronger and create space for compassion, peace, justice and authenticity to emerge.
  • And, in the meantime, we look for God to work in the smaller things of life — even in a small church.