Rev Martyn and Felicity Parry, together with a team of dedicated Deacons seek to oversee Wiveliscombe Evangelical Congregational Church.

We desire to be an active and vibrant church offering a safe place for folk to worship and know more of God, but also seek to be part of the ongoing life of the this brilliant Wivey community .  Every one is welcome as none of us are perfect.!

Martyn has been in ministry for some 41 years and has a passion and a desire for people of all ages to understand and know more of God. Martyn seeks to share God’s word in an innovative and original style, to bring people closer to the Lord. ‘To know the Lord, and make Him known’.  He has seen many lives reached, saved and people touched by Christ.

‘Pastor Teacher’ is his foremost gifting, studying God’s Word and the ministry of evangelism within the church and local community.

He has an expectation that it is God’s Word that sees lives changed, as people are confronted with, learn, and believe in Scripture. (See 1 Thess. 2:13.) God’s Word is relevant and deals with life as we find it in any age. 

Martyn’s aspiration is to equip people for ministry (Ephesians 4). He believes that it is his responsibility, from the Word of God, to spend a balanced portion of his time helping those who desire to know God and who may also wish to do the work of the Kingdom. 

It is his wish therefore to see Godly men and women equipped to minister to other men and women.

Martyn’s background is in Sales as well as Care Management.

Felicity has been a Christian most of her life making a public commitment when she was baptised on her 21st Birthday. 

Over the years she has been involved in children’s and youth work and more recently has been a church secretary.  She has background in ‘produce buying’ and more recently engineering work. Felicity now works P/T for Taunton foodbank…

Felicity main gift is administration (organising Martyn!) and enjoys getting alongside and supporting people of all ages. 

She enjoys baking and general hospitality.  She also enjoys singing and occasionally playing the piano!

Martyn and Felicity have been married for seven years, and between them have four adult children,  and 7 grandchildren.

Tel: 01984 623991